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Montale parfums

A love for the wonderful scents from the East and Arabia, collected from all parts of history.
That MONTALE perfume obtained is characterized. Perfumers from all over the world chose wood, incense, balm, amber, aoud, roses and so many other fantastic scents.
These perfumers make MONTAL perfumes, lucky ointments and love drinks.

The scents of the Montale collection reflect the more than 30 years of experience that Pierre Montale has as an internationally renowned perfumer.
He has worked in Saudi Arabia for a long time and after his return created a collection that is characterized by his love for the east and his fascinating life story.

He worked as a perfumer for the royal and rich elite in Saudi Arabia. This class is not only known for its exotic flavors, but also for its critical attitude.
They only wanted the crème de la crème and that is exactly what Pierre Montale could offer them.
This not only gave him a lot of experience, but also insight into the culture. You can smell this history in the scents it produces today.

Montale has a very extensive range. We at Parfas have selected a nice selection of the Montale perfumes. These perfumes each have their own character, each their own story.

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