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Amouage focuses on creating unique perfumes and skin care products of the highest quality. Only the best ingredients are used, which are collected from all over the world. Amouage is known throughout the world as a luxurious perfume brand and always goes with the times.

About Amouage

The perfume brand Amouage originated in the Middle East. In both the smell and the design of the bottle, many Eastern influences can be found. The Amouage logo also has a true mystical and oriental look. A lot of attention is paid to the appearance of the perfume. Some even go so far as to compare Amouage's perfumes with art. This is also not surprising when you consider that more than 100 rare raw materials are used for some perfumes. Amouage is constantly looking for new and surprising blends and aromas.

History Amouage

Amouage originated in 1983 in the Sultanate of Oman. The then Sultan of Oman wanted to create a luxurious perfume to continue the tradition of the country in the perfume world. In 1984 the first perfume from Amouage was put on the market.

The first perfume was developed by Guy Robert. This Frenchman was known in his homeland for his knowledge about perfume. Robert came from the French town of Grasse, known throughout the world for her perfumes. In addition to the unique scent of the perfume, the design of the bottle also stood out. Indeed, precious stones and gold leaf were used.

To this day, Amouage produces the best and tastiest perfumes, body lotions, creams and shower products.

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