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Creed is a fragrance brand that originated in London in 1760.

About Creed

Creed has sales points in world cities such as Paris, Dubai and New York. It is known as a very luxurious perfume with a unique fragrance palette.

Ever since the first perfume developed by Creed, two people were responsible for the smell: father and son. And this is still the case today. Creed is a real family business where fathers and sons have been at the helm for 7 generations.

Since the existence of Creed they have already made perfumes for celebrities and people with a lot of political power.Although Creed never confirmed this himself, there are strong indications that they delivered to Queen Victoria, Winston Churchill and the family of the American president Kennedy. They often had specific wishes for the aroma of their perfumes.

History Creed

Creed was founded in 1760. In the beginning, Creed was best known as a clothing maker. Creed made gloves and other high quality garments. The brand became known when it started supplying gloves, perfumes and clothing to the English royal house. Only in the 19th century did they really focus on developing perfumes for the other elite. Only in 1970 a perfume by Creed was put on the market that was for sale for everyone. Although Creed is now available both online and in stores, it is still known as very luxurious and special.

In addition to perfumes, Creed also has an extensive line of after shaves, body creams, body lotions and other skin care products.

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