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Make up for the lips like lipstick, lip gloss, lip pencil or other cosmetics at

At we sell makeup from the American brand Youngblood that specializes in mineral makeup even for the most sensitive skins!

When you apply a complete make-up, you start with your primer, concealer and foundation.
Do you just want to apply makeup on the lips? that is possible too!

For the makeup for the lips we offer the following:
The "Lip crayon color crays" these matte lipstick pencils exist in 7 intense colors. These long lasting crayons have a cream-like structure and a matte finish. The pencils are enriched with real diamond powder, resulting in a beautiful color result. The pencils have a soothing effect due to vitamin E and other moisturizing ingredients. Easy to apply because of the shape, and a beautiful looking result for hours!

The "Lip liner pencil" is a soft lip pencil with natural oils, which ensures smooth and easy application. Use a lip pencil before applying the lipstick or lip gloss.

The "lipstick" silky lipsticks contain a lanolin free formula, which consists of a unique combination of natural oils, minerals and candelilla wax.

The "Lip gloss" contains wax and vitamins that protect the lips and restore moisture balance. In addition, the Lip Gloss has an oil that gives a fantastic shine. The durable formula ensures that the gloss does not stick or run out.

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Of course you are also welcome in our store in Brasschaat, make an appointment with us so that we are the perfect make up.