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Cleansing & Lotion

Very few men take the time for complex skin care.

For most men, skin care should be easy, fast and effective.

Shaving, UV rays, air conditioning and air pollution are some examples of external influences that damage the men's skin every day.
In addition, the men's skin is naturally fatter and more prone to impurities.
Cleaning the skin is the most important thing, so cleaning is the message. Even if you do not wear make-up!

Parfas has several skin care brands such as Guinot, Bergman Beauty Care, Pure Altitude and Evidens de Beauté.

All these skin care products are suitable for both women and men.

These brands have different types of cleaning products in their range.

However, we do notice that men prefer to use cleaning products with a neutral odor.

Bergman Beauty Care is therefore the favorite among men.

Not everyone has the same skin. Therefore choose a cleaning product that suits you. Pay attention to your skin type, but also to the ease of use. You have different options for cleaning the skin. The cleaning products have a different texture, so you have a milk, mousse, gel and lotion. Most men choose to clean their face in the shower, so you save time and are especially efficient. For this we recommend a gel or mousse, this can be well foaming and is packed in a handy bottle with pump. If you have dry skin, a cleansing milk can help. Always close your cleaning with a tonic or lotion. This product removes the last bits of dirt (and cleaning milk) and ensures that the pores close.
For the men who like to work on the aging of the skin, that is possible with your cleaning products! Evidens de Beauté is our jewel under skin care. Even their cleaning products counter the aging of the skin!