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What many men do not realize is that the thin skin around the eyes ages faster than on any other part of the face. The area around the eyes thus gets a much older look than the rest of the face! That is because the skin here has a lower blood flow and weaker cell metabolism. A special eye cream can handle this. At Parfas you are at the right address!

In our Parfas range we make a distinction between eye creams and eyelashes. An eye cream is fuller of texture and is usually more nourishing and working on the aging of the skin.

Eyelashes, on the other hand, are good for preventing bags, swollen eyes and dark circles. In Parfas, we see Bergman Beauty Care as a favorite with our male clientele. This because of the very neutral clean smell. The Comfort Look from Bergman is an anti-puff eye gel that reduces dark circles and swelling. Good hydrates and gives suppleness to the skin. Do you want more a nourishing anti aging eye cream for around the eyes? Then Bergman has a sublime eye cream! Bergman's Smooth Look hydrates, combats and reduces first fine lines plus protects and stimulates collagen production. Need extra hydration? Bergman has a good solution for this too! Youth Perfection Eyes by Bergman gives you optimal hydration plus a radiant shine.

In Parfas you will not only find Bergman eye creams, but also other brands such as Guinot, Pure Altitude and Evidens De Beauté. No idea which eye cream to choose? Question recommends our Parfas employees!

How do you use an eye cream? We often get this question in Parfas. Do not use a regular day cream around your eyes. The substances in this cream are too active they can cause allergic reactions. The skin around your eyes is thin. Always make a slight knocking motion when applying. Apply your eye cream from the inside angle to the outside corner. The best thing is that you take an eye cream of the same brand as your day cream. The active ingredients in both creams then complement each other.