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Juliette has a gun is a perfume that was developed for the independent, strong woman. In most perfumes, however, a romantic hint can also be found. In recent years, Juliette has a gun has brought various perfumes to the market with a strong character.

About Juliette has a gun

Juliette has a gun was founded by Romano Ricci. Ricci is a well-known name in the fashion and perfume world. Romano is the great-grandson of Nina Ricci who launched several famous clothing lines and perfumes.

Romano Ricci grew up in the world of fashion and perfume and it did not take long before he decided to launch a perfume brand himself. Ricci went to work together with the world-famous perfume nose Francis Kurkdjian. Kurkdjian had a lot of experience with the development of perfumes and had already received several awards for his perfume creations. Ricci came up with a name for his perfume: Juliette has a gun. This is a reference to the famous story of Shakespeare about Romeo and Julliet.

Juliette has a gun was founded in 2006 by Romano Ricci and Francis Kurkdjian. It is therefore a relatively young brand when you look at the established names in the industry. Yet Juliette has a gun has made a big impression in this short time.

In 2011 Ricci was rewarded for his hard work. He dragged in the "Special Prize of the Board" at the FiFi Awards of 2011. This prize was awarded to him for his contribution and dedication to the perfume world.

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