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Strengthening effect and normalization of the moisture balance
KOH Cosmetics has added a high concentration of skin-like dust, Ceramides, to the cream, of which characteristic smell and color in the end product is still recognizable. Ceramides inhibit the breakdown of the body's own collagen, ensuring the firmness of the skin. They also regulate transdermal fluid management and help our immune system by combating harmful micro-organisms.
Activates the immune system for a good recovery of the skin
The active skin glucans activate the Langerhans cells of our immune system naturally to the defense of foreign substances. They are also excellent free radical scavengers. Invivo tests have proven that glucans make the skin visibly tighter, smoother and more resilient.
Reduces wrinkles and improves elasticity
The experts at KOH Cosmetics have added a liposome system with vitamins A, C and E for optimal strengthening. Vitamin A stimulates cell division and improves the elasticity of the skin. Vitamin C plays an important role in maintaining the immune system, but also in the production of collagen. In addition, vitamin C is a strong antioxidant, just like vitamin E. Vitamin E also promotes peripheral blood flow, microcirculation and stimulates the connective tissue of the skin.
The soothing emulsion offers exceptional nutrition and strength, normalizes the moisture balance and welcomes an intensely comfortable feeling. The skin of your hands and arms is visibly smoother, tighter and more resilient!

Apply the cream before bedtime with a massaging motion on your hands and arms. Always massage towards your heart. The creamy texture instantly fuses with the skin.
Tip: Protect your hands during the day with KOH Essential Hand Nourisher, an airy cream with UV filters. If you suffer from unsightly pigmentation, apply KOH Anti-Aging Spot Serum first.
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