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Parfas already more then 15 years your exclusive perfumery


It was in September 2007 that Jennifer in Brasschaat Belgium opened for the first time the doors of her beauty institute Wellfas and her exclusive perfumery Brasschaat Parfas.

At Wellfas, Jennifer and her team try to pamper customers as much as possible and guide them in their search for the right treatments and the accompanying care products for the home.

In perfumery brasschaat Parfas we mainly sell 'niche' brands. Nichelffums and care are made according to Jennifer out of passion, for a small-scale audience, something that is not the case with mass market brands that are made for the big houses and where the nose gets the order to make an affordable perfume for target group X. The niche brands hardly think about cost price, target group and marketing. This is not to say that it is therefore always more expensive.

Sometimes people really come from far away to take a look at the store with us!
Because of our selective range of niche articles, we also got the question when we would start a webshop.
The idea has been in my head for a long time, but there is still a lot to do in order for a webshop to function properly.

With this we want to introduce you to the wonders world of the niche brands, so you have something unique!

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Parfas exclusive perfumery Brasschaat
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2930 Brasschaat
Telephone: 0032 (0) 32976616

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