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How do you start applying make-up on the face?

The most important thing is to hydrate your skin first! This way the make-up stays much longer!
Of course there are also primers and special ampoules to apply first.
Youngblood has the primer for the face:
And Guinot has the ampoules:
Let everything work well before you start with the foundation .

We prefer to apply the make-up with special brushes instead of with hands.

Then you will see if you have things that you prefer to see worked away like circles under the eyes and spots and spots!
For this you use a concealer: https://parfas.be/en/makeup/face/concealer/

Then we continue with the foundation, this can be done with a powder foundation, a liquid foundation or a cream foundation.

To powder off is important to fix the make-up so that it stays long and beautiful!

Then you can continue with the eyes with a beautiful eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara!
Something that many people forget is to brush eyebrows nicely and to add some colors, it gives so much extra expression to the face! https://parfas.be/makeup/ogen/

Then you can see which blush suits you best! We have that in solid powder, loose powder and in cream form!
We also have nice palettes to shape the face and a palette to give the face a nice highlight!

Then last the lips! Lipstick with gloss or rather mat? Or prefer a lip gloss?

You're done and have a beautiful and long-lasting make-up