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Are you looking for a good lip pencil? Then you are at the right place at Parfas! We have various colors so that there is always the right color for everyone.

A lip pencil is seen as a basic product for the lips. With a lip pencil you can make contours and accentuate the color of the lipstick. If you apply the lip pencil only to the outer line of the lips, you will accentuate the lips.

If you want to make the lips appear bigger then you should first apply a foundation over the entire lips and then you can put a lip line outside your own natural lip line, combined with lipstick or lip gloss gives that beautiful and full lips. 

The lip pencils of the brand Youngblood are very soft to use on the lips and draw easily. That's because of the natural oils that are in the pencil!

Of course you can also work with a lip liner to accentuate the lips a bit more and to have a lip gloss or lipstick on the lips. If you want to make a lip gloss darker, you can of course also fully color it with a darker lip pencil! There are many different ways to use a lip pencil, alone or in combination!

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