Self tan

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Brown without sun & self-tanner, quickly a beautiful brown color!

Are you suddenly having a party tonight? But your legs are so white? Then use a tan without sun / self-tanner!
Many brown without sun / self-tanners have a direct color, so you can immediately enjoy them.
For the best result, first exfoliate your body and face / peel, and then use the brown without sun.

You can do this with a brown without sun spray, a brown without sun mousse, a brown without sun cream or a brown without sun gel.

It can be applied with hands or with a glove or simply with the spray.
To let everything dry quickly, we at Parfas always find it useful to have a hairdryer to use!
Yucee brown without sun also smells wonderful, you feel immediately on vacation.

Do you want a direct tan holiday color? Then Mr. and Mrs. Tannie really something for you! A whole range for the face and body to get and keep a beautiful tan!

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