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Make up for the eyebrows like eyebrow pencil, eyebrow powder or other cosmetics at Parfas.be

At Parfas.be we sell makeup from the American brand Youngblood that specializes in mineral makeup even for the most sensitive skins!

In make-up for the eyes we have a lot of choice such as eye shadow, eye pencils, eyeliners, eyebrow pencils, eyebrow powders, eyebrow wax and of course mascaras.

When you apply a complete make-up, you start with your primer, concealer and foundation.
Do you just want to apply makeup to the eyes? that is possible too!
You can then start with an eye primer. This will ensure that she keeps the eye makeup beautiful and long.
Then you choose a beautiful eyeshadow. You can best apply this with a specially designed brush.
Then you can opt for a more intense look with an eye pencil or an eyeliner. But do not forget the eyebrows! These are also called "coat rack of the face".

In Youngblood there is a choice between:
The "Brow sculpting pencil" this pencil with a very fine, retractable top to easily fill in missing hair and shape of the eyebrow, really needs everyone in the house. It is super convenient to use!

The "Brow wax" is lightly tinted wax with which eyebrows are modeled and with which the color of the eyebrows is enhanced.

The "Brow artiste kit" this set is complete with tweezers, 2 color eyebrow powder, eyebrow wax and brush!

Make up buy online at Parfas.be
Of course you are also welcome in our store in Brasschaat, make an appointment with us so that we are the perfect make up.