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Lipstick has been around for a long time! The first signs of using lipstick go back to 5000!years ago in Egypt.

Almost always the color was red! For example, Cleopatra's red lipstick came from crushed carmine beetles. In India they also used lipstick 3000 years ago. 

In our western countries the lipstick was only put into use around 1600.
Queen Elizabeth I wore red lipstick and the familiar white powdered face.

It was not until around 1950 that the first factory lipsticks were made in France. The basis of the lipsticks was then; deer fat, castor oil and beeswax.

The Youngblood lipstick is silky smooth and has a lanolin free formula, consisting of natural oils, minerals and candelilla wax. The lipstick feels wonderfully soft and takes care of the lips!
The lip crayons are the more intense colors and are expandable lipsticks! These also last for a very long time.

Before you apply the lipstick it is recommended to use a lip pencil first, so that the lipstick does not run out and the lipstick stays better. You can apply the lipstick with the lipstick itself or with a brush from Youngblood, which we also sell on

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