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Facial Sunscreen & body

Everyone knows that it is very important not to get sunburnt. But what exactly should you pay attention to?
It all depends on how quickly you would burn if you were not applied with a sun protection factor (SPF).

Someone with skin type 1 should never go in the sun as those people will burn immediately.

For someone with skin type 2, who burns quickly and will be able to build up a tan very slowly with a high SPF.

Skin type 3, Does not burn quickly and builds a more easily brown color at medium to high SPF is recommended.

Skin type 4, almost never burns and tans easily, this skin type needs a low to medium SPF.

But when and how often should I apply
It is always best to apply it 20 minutes before you go out in the sun, so that the product can work optimally.
If you would not apply and you go in the sun and you would already burn after 20 minutes, that means that if you were to apply an SPF 10 you would burn a maximum of 20 Can sit in the sun for 0 minutes without getting red.

So it depends on your skin type and the SPF you use, how long you can sit in the sun without getting sunburnt.

Water resistant products provide a maximum protection time of 40 minutes.
Water proof products provide a maximum protection time of 80 minutes.
It is at all times recommended to re-apply after swimming and drying!
If you are not going to swim, it is recommended to re-apply every 2 hours!

We are completely in love with the sun products from Sun Bum !! These products are good for your body and also for nature! The products are not tested on animals, are without parabens and gluten.

You always receive 3 free samples of perfume with the purchase of an item. At checkout you can indicate if you have a preference for certain samples and we will do our utmost to include them with your order.

If you have any questions about solar products, you can always send us an email at, or you can call us on +3232976616 and you are always welcome which in our store in Brasschaat.