AMOUAGE « amwaj » – waves, and "amour" waves of emotion. Throughout the world, AMOUAGE is seen as the summit of wealth, success and refinement, for the sake of luxury, origin and quality. In 1983 Amouage was created at the request of the Sultanate of Oman to continue the tradition of the Omani perfumes, known since the times of the Pharaohs. Mr. Guy Robert, a very famous nose from France and an expert with years of experience and famous creations, was contacted by the Sultan of Oman to create the first perfume, GOLD, from Amouage. No costs were saved for these perfumes.

Mr. Guy Robert, heir of a dynasty of perfumers, has given his heart and soul for the Amouage perfume Gold which he describes as: "my symphony ... the crown on my career! »Mr. Guy Robert uses more than 120 natural and prestigious ingredients from all corners of our planet for the Amouage perfumes, including the very rare silver resin. Silver resin is still found exclusively in the mountains of Dhofar, south of Oman. Amouage is the choice of many royal families and aristocracy worldwide. The Sultanate of Oman, therefore, pays tribute to the prestigious creations of Amouage - the gift of the kings - on every state visit.

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