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Just as with a skin that becomes dull and hair that becomes drier, it is very important that with the passage of the years the nails are fed extra. ANTI AGING NAIL SERUM is a high-tech water-based concentrate that slows down and restores the breakdown process of the nail due to age. The vitalising active ingredient concentrate has an optimal balance of active ingredients, allowing the nail to retain its young appearance longer.
• Co enzyme Q10 and vitamin E protect the cell membrane against oxidative degradation causing aging symptoms. The rich ingredients normalize the nail, stimulate the regeneration process and maintain a balanced "" moisture-fat "" balance. The nail surface relief improves.
• Damaged or aged tissues have a great need for vitamin B. The reduced moisture content is brought up to standard by the hydrating effect of this vitamin, which is indispensable for the suppleness of the nail. The nail strengthens and breaks less quickly.
• High-quality seaweed extracts activate the microregulation of the nail, which gives the cell renewal in the matrix a powerful boost and ensures optimal stimulation of nail growth.
• The regenerating effect of amino acid strengthens the nail and gives it strength. The cell structure improves and a dull, yellow color decreases.
A reduction in age-related symptoms such as nail grooves, fragility, slow nail growth and nail discolouration. Thanks to a restored cell structure of the nail, smooth, supple, long nails with a youthful, healthy appearance are possible.
Apply KOH ANTI AGING NAIL SERUM to the cleansed nail before bedtime. The quick-drying serum forms a film through which the active ingredients are able to function. Clean the nails thoroughly the next morning with warm water and mild soap. Use the serum in a 10-16 day course for optimal recovery. For the care of the nail and the delay of aging, an application of twice a week is sufficient.
Tip: Use KOH Unique Lifting Formula for optimal daily nutrition and firming of the hand skin.
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