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Discolouration of the nail is a common problem due to hereditary predisposition or disease, but mostly due to external factors such as nicotine attack, use of colored paints, fruit juices and cleaning products. KOH Cosmetics has developed a specialist product to provide a suitable solution to this problem; KOH Calcium Nail Whitener ®.
Directly fresh, radiant nails
The precisely formulated lacquer intensifies the natural color of the nails, with the nail edges being radiantly accentuated white and the pink of the nail bed being refreshed. The lacquer has the natural, fresh effect of a French Manicure, but in one step.
Optimum fortification by Calcium
Calcium is the most important component of our bones and nails and provides strength and firmness. Thanks to the added Calcium, the nail regains its natural strength and flexibility and is optimally protected against daily influences.
Glossy gloss
The fine lacquer gives a glossy shine on the nails through the added shine pigments. The KOH Calcium Nail
Whitener is a "must have" for every woman who is aware of the natural beauty of her nails.
Directly radiant, white nail edges and a fresh, pink nail bed.
KOH Calcium Nail Whitener can be applied daily in a thin layer and dries within a minute.
Always clean your nails with the KOH Purifying Polish Remover® before applying a varnish.
Tip: Treat stained nails daily first with the Purifying Nail Bath® and care for the cuticles with the
KOH Nourishing Cuticle Brush®.
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