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KOH COLORS are exclusive naiL colors based on the latest trends in fashion colors. KOH COLORS create an ultimate sense of elegance on every occasion.
The COLORS are enriched with Topaz. This beautiful exclusive gemstone has a crystal-clear shine and a unique hardness.
Just like Topaz, the KOH COLORS are durable and scratches on the surface do not stand a chance.

Clean and degrease your nails thoroughly with KOH Purifying Polish Remover. Apply the KOH COLOR according to preference in one or two layers over the entire nail.
1. Pre-apply the KOH Long Lasting Base Coat to the nails so that the colored lacquer adheres better, dries even faster, and protects the nail against discoloration.
2. To enjoy your painted nails even longer, apply the colored paint, KOH TOP COAT BAMBOO.
3. Let your nails shine according to your mood of the day and alternate with the different KOH colors
4. Let your toenails also be a reflection of your mood.
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SKU C50A_koh_colours_
Brand Koh
Content 10 ml
Gender Female
Finish Shine
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