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The extremely strong moisturizing formula Sensational Silk Experience provides unprecedented soft hands, with optimal protection against skin aging.

Solution for dry skin
The extremely strong hydrating formula has the capacity to regulate transdermal water management, which improves the moisture balance. Test results show that Sensational
Silk Experience is capable of retaining the moisture for a long time, even 24 hours after application. The soothing extract of the Purple Orchid "" Orchis mascula "" melts in an enchanting way with the hand skin. The natural confluence of the cream by hand comes about because the emulsion has exactly the same refractive index as the skin.
Solution for pigmentation spots and a dull complexion
The rich component Ceramides helps in the formation of the horny layer of the skin. The horny layer has a barrier function and protects the skin from harmful toxic substances, allergens and micro organisms. Together with SPF 10, this protection prevents the skin from getting dull and pigment spots are formed.
Solution for wrinkles and sagging
Sensational Silk Experience fades wrinkles and fine lines, and improves the tension and elasticity of the skin.
This considerable strengthening of the hand skin is also achieved through the valuable addition of Ceramides. Ceramides are able to retain the existing collagen in the hand skin. Callogeen is a skin-like substance that is an indispensable component for a supple, resilient hand skin.
Solution for a thin skin
Sufficient skin's lipids (lipids) are important for maintaining youthful hands. Due to age-related influences, stress and weather phenomena, the natural content of these lipids disappears and disappears. This makes the epidermis thinner, the skin drier and visibly older. Sensational Silk Experience is able to slow down the oxidation of fats, called lipid peroxidation.
Result: Unprecedented soft hands with optimal protection against skin aging.
Apply to clean, dry hands several times a day as needed.
Always nourish hands after contact with water. The cream immediately melts with the skin.
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SKU 8711661230096
Brand Koh
Content 50 ml
Skintype Dry
Gender Unisex
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